Responders First


Responders First


To identify all varieties of responsive citizens as participants in one social movement.



Define your personal practice as a part of a global transformation of consciousness. Call yourself a Responder First and thereby share the responsibility for your part in the global transformation of consciousness

Long Version
  • Place your personal practice in a global perspective by stating your intention with sentences like these examples:
  • I am a Responder First and then I practice yoga.
  • I am a Responder First and then I train my brain.
  • I am a Responder First and then I seek happiness for all.
  • I am a Responder First and then I practice permaculture.
  • I am a Responder First and then a member of a local Transition Team.
  • I am a Responder First and then volunteer at the local food bank.
  • I am a Responder First and then ________(fill in the blank).


Behaviors motivated by primitive brain structures oppose advancement and threaten survival in modern times. Primitive proclivities spawn maladaptive activities. Stress-related chronic illness and stress-related environmental decline flow from the same primitive origins deeply rooted in the brain of every one of us.

Therefore, RESPONDERS FIRST calls for a foundational transition in human motivation away from primitive negative reactivity and toward present-moment positive responsibility. The primitive mechanics hardwired in the human brain will not provide solutions to modern challenges. A Responder will mitigate their own negativity bias in order to invite less negativity in the world by any skillful means necessary.


A Responder assumes responsibility for advancing their own mental environment as a skillful means of local and global environmental conservation. In whatever ways one chooses to develop the skills of mental management, emotional discipline and conscious evolution anyone wishing to make the world a better place can state; "I am a Responder First." Don’t join a social movement if you don’t have time.


Positive Psychology (Pursuit of Happiness), Neuroplasticity, Brain Training, Stress Management, Spiritual practice, Environmental practice, Wellness practice.

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Anything that helps you first and then helps you intend to make the world a better place as a result.

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