The Death Posture


The Death Posture


The Death Posture is an intense, physically exhausting technique that uses the link between mind and body to deeply imprint personal goals onto the mind. By straining the body to its limits, the mind is moved to a state of "gnosis" that acts as a doorway to the unconscious, making any visualizations or affirmations done using this method extremely powerful. It is not a beginner's method, but it is extremely effective when used properly.



Strain your body in an upright posture, using the heightened state of exhaustion to supercharge your goal.

Long Version

  1. Select a safe, quiet place with a soft floor. Darken the room.
  2. Close your eyes and stand on your tiptoes with your arms locked behind your back, hands clasped together. You will probably want to do this against a wall for balance.
  3. Arch your back and extend your neck. Your body should be stretched and elongated. This should feel strained.
  4. ith this posture, the body will begin to become physically exhausted and begin to tingle. You will become overloaded with tension.
  5. Breaths will become deeper and more labored. The mind will race but slowly be overcome by the intensity of the physical sensation.
  6. Stay in this pose until you absolutely feel at the limit of your capacity.  At the moment right before you collapse, you will be in a somewhat altered state of mind conducive to “charging” your spiritual and mental battery.  Here, focus on your goal.  Visualize what you wish to achieve, or perhaps recite an affirmation.
  7. Collapse to the floor. You may feel the urge to laugh, cry, or otherwise expel the mental after effects of the exhaustion. Do whatever comes naturally, and get up slowly.
  8. Move on to everyday tasks. It is important for the mind to somewhat forget the imprint it has just received.


This and other variations on the Death Posture were created by English artist and occultist Austin Osman Spare in the early 20th century as a method for attained the altered state of consciousness he called gnosis. The chaos magic movement of the 1980s and 1990s then adopted this practice as a powerful way to focus mental energy.


The Death Posture is very physically taxing. If you have any serious health problems do not attempt this technique.

The posture is intense. After collapse, you may feel hysterical, and this can be very alarming. Do not attempt the Death Posture if you are easily emotionally disturbed. It is recommended to avoid doing it until you are fairly comfortable with some of the other meditation and visualization techniques on this website.


The Death Posture is only one of many ways that physical exhaustion can be used to heighten mental capacity and "charge" visualizations and affirmations. Ecstatic dance has a long tradition of being used in spiritual practice in such a manner, and the self-mortification rituals of medieval monks also made use of the link between an overload of physical sensation and mystical states of mind.

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