Wicca Meditation


Wicca Meditation


Meditation is one of the core practices of Wicca. It establishes psychic safety, a connection with the spirits of Earth, nature, and the cosmos, and clears all negativity from the mind.

The following steps are simply general recommendations. As with all things Wiccan, it is intended as a starting place for your own creative expression. Feel free to add or subtract anything you wish.

Blessed be!


Connect to the Earth, the Elements, and your Higher Self.
Long Version

  1. Begin by preparing the circle. You will need five candles of different colors: green, yellow, red, blue, and white. Set the green one in the north, representing Mother Earth and the element of earth. Set the yellow one in the east, to represent the dawn, and wind or air. Set the red one in the south, to honor the Sun, and fire. Place the blue one in the west, for the ocean and water. Finally, place the white candle in the center of the circle where you will be sitting. Slowly and mindfully light the candles, grounding yourself and establishing your intention for your meditation.
  2. The room should be free from all distractions. If possible, remove or at least turn off all technology. You want to remain completely undisturbed by electronics, interruptions, machine sounds, and so forth. If you are in a noisy city, simply do this to the best of your ability. Plants, flowers, rocks, animals (cats!), birds, and so forth are welcome visitors.
  3. Now step inside your circle and do the quarter calls. These are the ritual invocations of each direction/element. There are many versions of these, but here is a basic one you can use:
    • Facing East: I greet the East, direction of Air:
      Gentle breezes and strong winds,
      Realm of the beauty of clouds and birds,
      Bearer of the weather which touches us all,
      The breath of life I inhale and exhale.
      I am a part of all around me.
    • Facing South: I greet the South, direction of Fire:
      Candle flame, bonfire, starlight and sunlight,
      The energy which warms me and gives life to the world I inhabit,
      The energy which pulses along my nerves.
      I am a part of all around me.
    • Facing West: I greet the West, direction of Water:
      Rain, snow, rivers and lakes,
      The great encircling ocean from which all life first came,
      The blood which flows through my veins still bearing the saltiness
      of that original home.
      I am a part of all around me.
    • Facing North: I greet the North, direction of Earth:
      Metal and stone, hill and valley,
      Mother who bears and nourishes all life–root and leaf,
      Fur and feather and scale and skin,
      Muscle and bone and brain cell.
      I am a part of all around me.
  4. Now sit in meditation. Breathe slowly and deeply. Allow your mind to drift into a dreamlike, open, relaxed state.
  5. If you wish, you may envision yourself filling up with white light, driving out all negativity. You feel healthy, refreshed, empowered, peaceful, and loving towards all beings.
  6. Next, thank the spirit of each direction. When you have thanked them, you can snuff out the candle for that direction. Do the white one in the center last of all.
  7. Then feel confidence, relax, and open yourself to the angel’s healing presence for as long as you like.
  8. When you have finished, thank the angel. Feel gratitude for his or her healing, love, compassion, and comfort.
  9. Sit with this for a few deep breaths, and then return to your life relaxed, refreshed, and feeling the healing power of the angel with you.


Wiccan meditations harken back to the pagan rituals of Europe, as well as some of the shamanic practices of all of humanity.


Never invite a spirit being into your circle unless you have complete certainty that it is who it says it is, and is totally good.


Wiccan Meditation

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